Our Vision and Experience


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Do It All Janitorial Services, is a full janitorial services company catering to the needs of the business, industry, and construction with over 15 years of professional experience. Do It All Janitorial Services a customer base that includes major shopping malls, upscale department stores, arenas, multi-tenant office complexes, as well as a wide range of other specialized retail, food service, and healthcare clients. Our selection and training protocols enable Do It All Janitorial Services to maintain a loyal and knowledgeable work force with below average turnover, and to consistently deliver value and results to our clients. Our staff is insured, bonded, uniformed and display Do It All Janitorial Services identification at all times. Through our unique mandatory phone-in attendance system, we can provide immediate substitutes when necessary and efficiently handle all emergencies. At Do It All Janitorial Services, we subscribe to the “MBWA” theory – Management By Walking Around. It provides the true picture and assures our customers and ourselves that the dependable quality services we provide meet or exceed our client’s expectation.